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NYSCO® Makes Summer Camp Better

  • National Recognition

    Our National Membership database helps parents find a NYSCO camp that meets their needs

  • Group Support

    Get ideas and support from other camp directors and operators or our Accreditation and Membership Team

  • Professional Training

    NYSCO membership includes training and support materials that will help you and your staff achieve success

NYSCO Members Get More

NYSCO Membership is more than a name. You'll get access to all of this and more with an easily affordable $197 per year membership fee, regardless of your camp size.

Activities and Games

Keep your Campers busy and your staff happy with tons of game and activity ideas, including daily and weekly schedule templates in the Members Area.

Skill Specific Support

We help skill specific sports facilities create top-notch camp experiences. Our skill specific members come from many different sports, like Gymnastics, Soccer, Martial Arts, Cheer, and more.

Staff Training Materials

NYSCO Membership grants access to Staff Training Materials that help you create a team of excited, educated, caring staff members.

Summer Camp Operations

Make your camp more efficient, safe and fun with emergency preparation, transportation best practices, operational how-tos and more.



Annual Renewal

NYSCO Membership is open to all Camps, and is completely hosted online. Access materials from any computer, anywhere.

  • 24/7 Online Membership Access
  • Staff Training Materials
  • Marketing and Enrollment Materials
  • Operations and Emergency Preparation Materials
  • Camp listing on the searchable NYSCO
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3 Year Renewal

NYSCO Accreditation is ideal for Day Camps, Sport Specific Camps, and non-overnight Camps.

  • Available only to current NYSCO Members
  • Yearly Documentation Required
  • Available for current or new camps
  • Not available for over-night camps
  • $297 Deposit includes Accreditation Manual
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For Parents: Find a NYSCO Camp

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      Frequently Asked Questions for Professionals

      • q-iconWhat is NYSCO?

        The National Youth Summer Camp Association is a governing body for Summer Camp and Day Camp professionals. We help with everything from getting more campers into your program to training your staff to be superstars.

      • q-iconHow is NYSCO different?

        NYSCO is the only Summer Camp organization that was created specifically for non-overnight (non-residential) camps. While we do have overnight camps as members, our focus is on helping non-overnight camps including Day Camps, Sport Specific Camps, and Specialty Camps.

      • q-iconHow do I become a member?

        Click on the link on this page, make your annual payment, and a login username and password will be sent to you. Membership includes a listing on this page’s map search.

      • q-iconWe run a Cheer/ Gymnastics/ Karate/ Soccer/ Baseball/ Robotics/ Science camp. Will membership be beneficial to us?

        We think so. Much of our membership help comes in the form of operational, structural and marketing help. You know how to flip/build/cheer/kick/hit the ball, but we can help you put all of that expertise into creating a one of a kind camp experience.

      • q-iconCan you help me start a camp?

        Yes! Our Strong Start Program was created for existing facilities to jump start their camp success. We’ll help you create marketing materials, build your staff team, hone your mission statement and goals, and even become accredited.

      • q-iconWhat is Accreditation?

        NYSCO Accreditation is a stringent process that ensures every aspect of a camp is run safely and properly. It also helps parents make camp enrollment decisions. If a camp is accredited, they know their child is in good hands. Accreditation for new camps can be done in conjunction with our Strong Start Program. Accreditation for existing camps is completed on a one-on-one basis.

      Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

      • q-iconWhy does enrolling at a NYSCO Camp matter?

        If your child’s Summer Camp is a NYSCO member, you know that they truly care about your child’s safety and development. You will know that your child will be cared for and that they’ll have a great summer experience.

      • q-iconWhen should we start looking for a camp?

        Many NYSCO member camps begin their enrollment processes long before Summer begins, some as early as January. To ensure your child has a space in the camp of their choice, Find a Camp near you, and contact them to determine when their enrollment begins.

      • q-iconIs this for overnight Summer Camp?

        NYSCO specifically works with non-overnight camps, improving their services and operations. While some NYSCO members are overnight camps, only non-overnight camps can achieve Accreditation with NYSCO.

      • q-iconAre all NYSCO camps the same?

        Not at all! In fact, each camp facility is individually owned and operated. That means that you’ll have the ability to choose a unique experience that’s specific to your area.

      • q-iconWhat Ages / Dates / Details are there?

        Most NYSCO camps service ages 5-12, but that can vary from camp to camp, depending on the camp’s specific focus, mission, and activities. For camp dates and details, please Find a Camp near you!

      • q-iconWhat is Accreditation?

        NYSCO Accreditation is a stringent process with over 120 specific requirements, covering everything from Camp Operation to Emergency Preparation. When you see that a camp is NYSCO Accredited, you know that every aspect of the camp is run safely and properly, and that your child will be in good hands.